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Our service is the first truly hosted system and requires no capital investment in software or hardware for full implementation. Our system is designed to seamlessly integrate into your current PDF work flow and does not require you to make any changes to it. We capture your PDF pages along with ad metadata, create database links to the ads, and send an e-mail to each advertiser containing a link to their ad pages, in one or more publications. Advertisers need only have internet access with a standard browser, nothing more.
Designed from the bottom up as a web application, Shoom's eTearSheets system runs in a redundant, 24X7 infrastructure, with the highest levels of accessibility and security. Utilizing a single portal, we have eliminated the costly paper tearsheets process for publications while at the same time providing advertisers with a collaborative, management tool kit for accessing single ads or entire campaigns across multiple publications.

The system currently hosts more than 737 publications, links over 911,000 advertisers and more than 8,960 agencies with over 26 million pages of newspaper archive and 63 million ads, delivering more eTearSheets daily than all of our competitors combined!