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Simple, intuitive tools make your advertiser's experience positive and productive. They simply key in a proof number at your website that takes them directly to their proof, where they can easily review, approve, or request changes as if they had a hard-copy proof and pen in hand, without leaving their browser, and without leaving their office.

ShoomProof provides version controls to ensure that advertisers are proofing the most current version. Previous versions can be made available for cross reference. Ads can also be reviewed and shared by multiple reviewers to add further efficiency to the review process.

For publishers, the unique online workspace adds efficiency to the proofing and approval process. With point and click ease, proofs get posted and advertisers automatically notified that proofs are available. The intuitive interface allows you to see the status of all your proofs at a glance. ShoomProof keeps your work organized and helps you communicate with advertisers and agencies clearly and effectively. It makes it easy for you to understand your advertisers' changes, and provides a complete archive of all ad versions and communication — just in case.

The Active Team Interface, called ATI, allows the composition or ad department to work together with sales or traffic managers to better control ad approvals and keep everyone from ad managers to sales agents informed.

ShoomProof isn't like other, more complex solutions. The hosted environment delivers guaranteed uptime and ad approval availability. You have no hardware to manage and no IT infrastructure to deal with. It's so easy that you, your team and your advertisers can use it immediately, without changing your workflow and without turning your publishing environment upside down.

ShoomProof increases productivity, maximizes your budget and keeps your advertisers happy

With ShoomProof, both newspapers and advertisers save significant time and money. You can turn ads around faster, and your advertisers can verify proofs online with no software, no technical skills and no training.

With ShoomProof, your advertisers will be so happy; they'll come back for more. That means more profit for your newspaper, and a quick return on your investment.

For more information on ShoomProof, email support@shoom.com.